I started writing professionally in 2008. My first publication was a 100 word blurb on Louise Brooks for Bitch Magazine. I used to call myself a Feminist Film Theorist, but I've come to realize that I'm just some sort of Movie Misfit - a gal who identifies as a feminist and loves classic Hollywood, women's pictures and action cinema with equal zest.


I've conducted interviews on Skype, by cell, via e-mail and once talked to an Oscar winner on the phone while locked in a bathroom.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names: An Interview with Jennifer K. Stuller - Today’s Chicago Woman/ChicagoNow


Professional Blogging

For roughly a year, I was a Blogger for Today’s Chicago Woman and their ChicagoNow site. My blog was named Magnificent Obsession after the Sirk/Stahl film. 

Unfortunately, most of the links to my writing have been taken down. Here's a sample of what I wrote about: 

The Context of Hit Girl in Kick Ass

For the Love of Film: The 2010 Film Preservation Blogathon

I was also a columnist for the now defunct website FilmCatcher for a short time. My column was called The Damned Don’t Cry after the Joan Crawford film.

Speaking (Conferences and Lectures)


Max Ophuls’ Diary of the Dead: The Haunting Romanticism of Letter from an Unknown Woman | Midwest Undergraduate Film Studies Conference, University of Notre Dame  ‘08


Introduction for the Edgar G. Ulmer Double Feature (The Amazing Transparent Man and Beyond the Time Barrier) | Shock Theater from the Cinema Dementia Collection, Chicago ‘11

Roman Polanski and Rosemary’s Baby | Picturing Women in the ‘60s class, Columbia College ‘09

Sharon Tate and Valley of the Dolls | Picturing Women in the ‘60s class, Columbia College ‘09

The Women Within

My first foray into writing about film from a feminist perspective came in 2007 when I started a blog called The Women Within. I strove to see every single female-driven film in 2008 and experienced a fair amount of success. I also wrote about classic films and actresses from time to time. Here are a few of my favorite posts:


The Horror...The Horror: Remaking Rosemary’s Baby for Contemporary Audiences

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