Sunday, February 17, 2013

John Kerr (1931-2013)

John Kerr died on February 2nd. He starred in two of my favorite Vincente Minnelli films, The Cobweb and Tea and Sympathy, and acted in a handful of other pictures like The Pit and the Pendulum and South Pacific before going into semi-retirement to become a lawyer. I loved his acting and his passing makes my heart hurt.

Kerr came into prominence in the 1950's, which was both the right and wrong decade for him. Had he been born ten years earlier, I imagine he would have had a career similar to Farley Granger's or even Richard Widmark's and acted in some film noirs and war pictures before flirting with melodrama. He might have been a bigger star if that had been the case.

Kerr, however, was a true blue '50s man. He possessed the same passionate rainbow of emotions of his contemporaries, like Clift, Dean (who was supposed to have his role in The Cobweb) and Brando, but he also had this dorky, clean-cut edge to his acting that I find absolutely endearing. His passion was based in practicality and he never truly let himself go off the emotional deep end like those other fellas, which is probably why he had such a long and happy life.

I hope he did, anyway. RIP, John Kerr. Thank you for the lovely movie memories.

Tea and Sympathy Trailer

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