Thursday, July 26, 2012

Long Time No See at the Air Cafe

Libby and I standing in front of the St. Petrov Cathedral

Greetings from the Czech Republic!

I am here and it is wonderful. We arrived on Friday afternoon after spending the night in Prague (which is OMG-Gorgeous) and are slowly but surely getting used to everything. Thus far, we have toured our new workplace, went sight seeing, (kinda sorta) figured out the public transportation system, bought cheap cellphones and found a new favorite hang out: The Air Cafe. It's a WWII themed joint hidden inside the local Moravian museum/Dietrichstein Palace. They have delicious espresso and no less than twenty-eight kinds of lemonade.

I'm in heaven.

I'm feeling so inspired by new surroundings that I thought it would be a good time to start doing something I've wanted to do for years: fashion blogging. Despite having to donate/sell more than half of my fabulous wardrobe and not owning the best digital camera in the world, I'm hoping to showcase some stellar outfits and express myself in this new and snazzy creative way. We'll see what happens.

I knew we were going to stop by the Air Cafe again today, so I pulled a '40s-ish dress out of the closet and got to work.

 Dress: I Heart Ronson - Shoes: Dollhouse - Brooch: Vintage (gift from my Dad) - WWII Sweetheart Bracelet: Vintage Fabulous - Purse: Vintage (thrifted at least five years ago) - Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson

The '40s are kind of my decade. I know it's wrong to romanticize such a tragic period, but everything about the era speaks to my soul - the hair, the clothes, the style, the music and, especially, the cinema.

"So Proudly We Hail" (1943, Mark Sandrich)

(Photo Credit)
 According to their website, the Air Cafe was designed to commemorate WWII Czechoslovak pilots and they have absolutely amazing photos and exhibits on display in the cafe, including these uniforms and the lifeboat. Stepping inside the cafe feels like you're stepping into history. 

This bracelet is one of my most prized possessions. During WWI and especially WWII, soldiers would often give their loved ones mementos in the form of sweetheart bracelets, pins and necklaces to remember them by. The jewelry usually reflected whatever branch of service their sweetheart represented and were usually made with whatever kind of material was accessible at the time. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but my bracelet is made out of brass and, though it doesn't have an actual insignia, it does have an empty stylized outline that looks like it was designed to house some sort of inscription. I can only imagine and dream what the real story behind the bracelet is.

More updates to come.

I'll be seeing you.

P.S. That's my new apartment building in the background.