Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Friend Crush on Drew Barrymore + Best Coast's Our Deal Music Video


Today is March 20th and it's currently 85 degrees outside. I'm wearing a sundress and my dog is sprawled out on her window seat basking in the warmth of the day. I've been sipping iced tea and wishing for a Popsicle since 10 this morning. As a pessimist, I'm inclined to think that we're all going to be severely punished for this lovely turn of events in the coming months. I don't know if that means we'll have a terribly hot summer and start smelling rotting flesh drift in from cemeteries or we'll get hit with a comet the size of Jupiter sometime in September, but I'm going to try and cautiously enjoy this sunny wonderment as long as possible. 

Part of my enjoyment comes from the music video above, which has music by the band Best Coast and stars Chloe Grace Moretz of Hugo and Kick-Ass fame. I've watched approximately twenty-five music videos in my entire life (I'm not really into contemporary anything, but especially not contemporary music) and only watched it last summer because it was directed by Drew Barrymore, who is, quite simply, the coolest gal in Hollywood. One of my many pet dreams is to become best pals with Drew Barrymore and work for her feminist-minded production company, Flower Films.

I've written about Barrymore and her movies on a few wonderful occasions and will praise her directorial debut, Whip It, until the day I die. This music video is her follow-up and it definitely doesn't disappoint. It vibrates with wistful, edgy energy and those first love-major crush-belly butterflies that stem from the summer romances of youth. With Best Coast's She & Him/Beach Boys inspired soundtrack, the obvious Rebel without a Cause influences and Moretz's freakin' amazing hairdo, Barrymore's Our Deal music video is the perfect cinematic accompaniment to these fleeting summery days. 

And just because:


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